5 reasons why we love the coworking life

1. Low start-up cost

When you start a business is quite common that money is tight. Working in a coworking space is a great way to start working away from your kitchen table. Coworking spaces usually offer great value for a permanent desk.

2. Flexibility

If your business is in expanding mode, working from a coworking is excellent because you can expand and contract as you go. Instead of renting a whole office that might get small too soon or might be too big in coworking you can do it with no money waste. 

3. Be in the right location

Rent an office in the right spot can be expensive, but if you only rent a desk, you get all the benefits of an office, meeting rooms and a place to work, for a portion of the price.

4. Networking opportunities

It's not rare that coworkers become clients or suppliers. Neither is strange to get referred by another coworker. 

5. work-life balance

Having your desk away from your house increases the work-life balance. It's essential to do not work in pyjamas and have separate spaces, one to live, the other to work. 

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